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  • Top of mind questions

    About the program

    How do you choose participants?

    We make sure that you enter the program with a group of curious and interesting people. People that add tons of value both personally and professionally. We aim to have a mix of backgrounds, nationalities and experiences. We want to create a safe space where passionate people come together as a community to learn, grow and share ideas. We welcome participants from all walks of corporate life.

    Is there a minimum time commitment?

    Yes, we presume a 7 day commitment in order to have time for a good group cohesion and well-founded experiential learning process.

    What is the application process like?

    The application process is simple. You fill in the signup form and apply for a spot.

    1.  If you pass the first round, we'll invite you to have an informal online chat with us, so we get to know you better and answer all your questions live. 
    2. After interviewing all participants, we put together the best possible group.
    3. If you are selected, we then proceed with financial and logistical preparations.
    4. Once we have received your payment your spot is secured and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon! 

    During the selection process, we look for human qualities: passion, values and something we call the "CoChange essence", which is best explained by a mindset of collective growth. Go straight to application

    What is the curriculum?

    We have a dynamic curriculum and an established methodology. A learning-path to first creating a healthy body and mind. Then re-learning everything that we were taught about business in the digital marketing world by the top minds of our time.


    Having a dynamic curriculum means that as we go along we ask for your feedback and go where the group wants to go within a holistic, transformational and systematic framework.


    We take online courses to the next level by taking the courses together with people in similar situation as you with common goals. Over the years, we have mapped a new kind of experiential learning path which is: simple, contextual, valuable, actionable, sequential and iterative.


    Our goal is always for you to first understand why you are doing, what you are doing and only then move on.

    How many participants will be part of the experience?

    A total of 12 participants will experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


    Over the past 15 years, we have both worked in teams as well as built teams. And we noticed a magic number. Which is 3. Teams of 3 succeeded over any other number in terms of collaboration and growth.

    When is this happening?

    We start in December 2022.

    What is not included in the fee?

    We cover everything except the following things:

    • travel to the location (but we do help you organize)
    • your extra needs
    • travel insurance and visa if needed


    What is your cancellation policy?

    90% of the program fees go back to creating a remarkable experience for our participants. Any cancellations we have impact the whole group and it’s for this reason that we are only able to offer a refund with proof of extremely justifying circumstances and once a replacement candidate is found. We are grateful for your understanding.

    How is the internet?

    It's the fastest internet we have literally ever seen! Great fiber optics connected to the island with 240Mbps. You can also rely on the SIM cards we'll give you with 4G coverage at most places.

  • Work is No Longer a Place but a State of Mind

    Be part of the change everyone is talking about

  • Let's dive deep into how we think

    What are the key reasons for a corporate employee to stop their corporate career and visit new horizons?


    The most basic reason for someone to take a career break is being unhappy.

    Company mainly/only offers extrinsic motivation.

    Employee has a hard time collaborating with other employees. Sometimes it’s about personal traits, acts of unkindness and selfishness. But at other times it goes to our core values.


    Let’s see concrete examples:

    1) Employee doesn’t know the purpose behind her work
    2) Lack of transparency
    3) Workplace politics - many times it’s hard to know where one stands
    4) There’s a lack of inherent trust between colleagues
    5) Nobody offers any real support, guidance, or real feedback

    6) Lack of growth mindset

    7) Lack of real empowerment

    8) Lack of learning through failure
    9) Lack of work-life balance policies
    10) Becoming unhealthy along the way of trying to fit in - and if this was a list, it should be a top priority for any organization - it becomes more clear if you think of an organization as an organism. It must primarily be healthy in order to work. But this is a topic for an other time 😃

    What will happen in the first two days?

    The first two days will be a gradual onboarding process to go up to full speed after.​


    Activities will include:


    1st day:

    • field trips to get to know each other
    • talk, learn and exercise self-development techniques
    • play games as we used to
    2nd day:
    • we'll simulate the upcoming 5-day period
    • having received feedback from to group on where you want to go, we'll decide on the blueprint/curriculum together at the end (the basic framework is fixed, but filling it with content will be collective effort/creation from pre-optional sequence of courses/talks)
    • at the end of the second day, we'll form into teams and start live projects

    What will happen in the next 5 days?

    During the next days we'll be more action-oriented:

    • already in 3 member teams (our very favorite team-design) - teams will decide on the project they will pursue for the next days and choose their KPIs (most common project will be validating an e-commerce concept, but it can be anything you can imagine and do passionately)
    • do research on the idea
    • set up initial website/landing page
    • pre-test idea and build in learnings
    • plan out basic marketing strategy and start executing
    • content creation
    • set up ads and start getting leads
    • analyze, redefine and fine-tune
    • start using marketing-automation systems
    • blog about it
    • nurture leads and get even more leads and feedback 

    What else will we do?

    Development filled with fun activities in a safe learning environment:

    • online courses followed by facilitated talks
    • mini-trainings and workshops
    • coaching
    • sharing progress by participants
    • yoga and meditation practices
    • take a break and explore the wonderful island filled with surprise activities
    • and while we spend some time in paradise we won’t forget to give back to the local community

    Is there any accreditation to the program?

    We have no special accreditation.


    Most accreditation authorities were established in the last century so might not be a good fit as their practical values might differ.


    We are not looking for people who want to receive a certification they can put on their wall. We are looking for life-long learners who understand that the certification is within.


    Having said that, we will of course give you a cool certification to put on your LinkedIn.


    So instead of an accreditation system we will do our own quality measurement through continuous feedback from participants to fine-tune the program and its practices all the time. As we too are wishing to become a lifetime student with a sincere desire to help.

    Why are we building this project with such low ROI?

    - Our intention is not to accumulate personal wealth for financial gain

    - Our intention is to accumulate personal wealth in terms of personal growth by creating positive impact in the world or even to a small community of 12 people in need of cochange


    From the founder, Ivan: Ever since I started my Social Innovation Lab 10 years ago, people were surprised that money is not a primary consideration for me. First I want to make a positive impact on society. Only then do I want to make money. My goal is impact and my metric is learning.

    Who is this program for?

    It's designed for corporate refugees. Wannabe digital nomads and everyone who is serious about changing careers and becoming sustainable online. High-performing and under-valued individuals who want to take a break from stressful life and experience looking at things from a different perspective. Corporate refugees who realized that things could work differently, had enough, and chose to take action on their own terms.


    As our favorite modern marketer says: It’s not for everyone! You will venture outside of your comfort zone both intellectually and culturally​. So in order to be successful here and get the most out of it, you will have to be present, be active and put focused energy into it.

    We believe in hyper transparency & accountability

    One of the core values of our program is being transparent. To us, transparency means holding ourselves accountable to the people we serve - to you!


    When joining us you are taking a leap of faith. So it’s only fair that in return we always strive to

    be completely honest, forthcoming and transparent. Even about how we spend your money! We see our program as a tool for social change, a constant challenge of the status quo. So we want to give you the power of choice.


    Here’s a breakup of where your money goes: cochange.co/transparency 

    What if I can't afford it?

    We will be granting scholarship for one of our participants. A like-minded individual full of dreams, passion and commitment who is lacking the financials. She or he will be granted a pay-as-you-wish plan.

  • Practical questions

    How to prepare

  • Do I need to get a visa?

    In some cases, yes. Please check for information specific to your nationality at your local Thai embassy.

    Will I need travel insurance?

    All participants are required to have travel insurance. We recommend World Nomads which offers very comprehensive plans. Or Globelink International with a score of 4.5 across platforms.

    Where will I be staying?

    Participants will be staying at a white sandy beach resort with a mesmerizing garden around it. A good mix of traditional and modern. Also, they serve one of the best massaman curries on the island. Check it out here!

    What should I bring?

    You might want to pack like you're going on a vacation. The most important are flip-flops, swim gear and of course your computer. In case you forget something, keep in mind, you'll be able to buy practically everything on the island. Plus, we'll share a travel checklist with you once you reserved your spot.

    What plugs do they use in Thailad?

    In Thailand the power socket types are: A, B, C, F and O - check, but this means it accepts most sockets of the globe.

    The standard voltage is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. So if you are from the UK, Europe, Australia and most of Asia and Africa, you should be fine. If you come from North America and most parts of South America, do bring a voltage converter adapter.

  • How We Build Websites

    Well, we sort of see the matrix

  • Today, there are brilliant plug & play kinda apps

    We use Strikingly


    Choose template

    These templates are carefully designed to look like you paid 1000s of euros


    Add content

    The templates are even pre-filled with great content marketing ideas


    Publish site

    Connecting the site with your own domain is hassle-free with clear how-to articles

  • Our methodologies are not new

    but together they are groundbreaking

  • Methodology

    We noticed that it's best to start with developing positive inner beliefs

    Your beliefs influence your outer behavior and actions. First, we take forward actions that are consistent with your positive inner beliefs. Commit to continuous and consistent self-improvements. Societal norms powerfully reinforce the status quo. Science says, in order to change behaviors one needs to change their perception of normal.

    We'll use a solution-based approach called Design Thinking

    Design Thinking is a design methodology that provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. It’s extremely useful in tackling complex problems that are ill-defined or unknown, by understanding the human needs involved, by re-framing the problem in human-centric ways, by creating many ideas in brainstorming sessions, and by adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping, testing and iterating. With this, we'll create remarkable user experiences.

    Then we dive deep into learning by doing

    We believe in experiential learning. When creating a Minimum Viable Product you're implementing everything that makes your memory work. And it's also more fun. So that's why we'll be creating and validating an online business by seeking product/market fit and the jobs to be done approach.

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