• You'll no longer be alone on your path to personal and professional growth

    Gain the skills and access the courage to take your ideas forward

  • We'll co-evolve by working together at a remote location

    CoChange is for doers. If this sounds like you, scroll down to learn more about the program.

    We inspire each other by our diverse backgrounds & experiences

    We trigger positive changes towards a balanced, emphatic, purposeful, playful and autonomous life.

    We empower you to develop a mindful life and build your online business

    We do workshops and take online courses together. We always discuss the learnings and apply them to our group projects.

    We always take the time to see things from a different perspective

    We do all this to enable action and help you develop a growth mindset. To find the passion in your life and create a career you love.

  • Our curriculum is hands-on

    We're passionate about inspiring corporate refugees to redesign life for fun and purpose

    We do all that. Organize, curate & facilitate


    Take online courses together

    • Online courses in small group
    • Workshops & coaching
    • Learning by doing


    From zero to client validation

    • Working in teams of 3
    • With solution-based approach
    • Receiving continuous support


    Healthy body, healthy mind

    • Yoga and mindfulness practices
    • Weekly break to explore the island
    • Give back to the local community
  • A typical day at CoChange

    Support and structure is the key difference between doing and not doing

    Good morning!

    09AM-10AM ➟ meditation & tropical fruit breakfast

    10AM-11AM ➟ online course & discussion

    11AM-13PM ➟ teamwork

    Midday stimulus

    • private or team coaching
    • free time for lunch & siesta 
    • short beach time to cool down

    Good afternoon!

    14PM-15PM ➟ inspirational video & discussion

    15PM-17PM ➟ individual work in teams

    17PM-18PM ➟ reflection on the daily learnings

    Sunset in Paradise

    The sunset of Ko Phangan at 6PM is a daily must see!

    Good evening!

    • dinner
    • private or team coaching
    • team reflections, feedback, strategy and getting ready for the next day

    Good night & see you tomorrow!

    Up to you how you spend the night. :) If you can, do sleep 8 hours!

  • Fun activities to choose from when staying more

    Designed with you in mind to get back to your ambitious self

    Learning new things

    Thai cooking class. Thai massage class. Cultural activities, such as visiting a Buddhist Monastery and talking with the local monk.


    Jungle tracking, waterfall visit, boat trip adventure, finding secluded beaches, snorkeling and even going to a full moon party once. Random surprises like building a huge sandcastle.

    Healthy activities

    We learn about yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Eating healthy. Create manageable fitness goals. Exercise self-development techniques.

    Give back to the local community

    While we spend some time in paradise we won’t forget to give back. Interesting fact: engaging in deliberate acts of kindness leads to increased well-being.

  • The plan

    What's your plan for next year? Would this experience help?

    Action-oriented workshops, coaching and guiding

    Day 1

    • Team building activities
    • Setting expectations & goals
    • Daily inspirational video
    • Explore & relax

    Day 2

    • Simulate the upcoming 5 day sprint
    • Learn lean startup and design thinking methodologies
    • Daily inspirational video
    • Learning the entrepreneurial approach 

    Day 3-7

    • Idea generation & project selection
    • User research, jobs to be done approach
    • Strategy building & growth techniques
    • Website building & lead generation
    • Testing & iterating 

    Wanna stay an extra week?

    • Same-same, but different*
    • If the project delivers KPI, it can continue
    • If not, the process is restarted with a new project
    • We'd love to provide additional resources & tools to get the job done
    • We take a digital detox day with emphasis on fun & recreation
  • 🤭 or currently, just 0.04 BTC

    Price is all inclusive

    Once you arrive in Ko Phangan, you receive beachside accommodations, beachfront office, premium online courses and trainings, dedicated host, team coach & community manager, daily talks and workshops, idea validation through own website advertising. We'll have yoga and meditation sessions, community breakfast and tropical fruit basket during the day, super dinner at night. Fun activities, local sim card, personal scooter and remarkable experiences are also included. Check out everything here.


    We'll pick hard working individuals who lost hope in corporate culture to create and launch remarkable projects together. We presume a 7 day week commitment from participants, since the CoChange experience is best when you can take part in the full learning path. Having said that, once you're here, you may decide to stay for an extra week and we are prepared for that too. Heck, I'm waiting for the deeper developemnt process of the second week already!

    Corporate social responsibility

    Project CoChange has a pure corporate social responsibility mission. We make all learnings accessible to those who are not fortunate enough to be able to pay the admission fee. Plus we host one individual with pay-as-you-can scholarship. Also, while we are living in paradise, we will find ways to give back to the locals. Check it here.

    Be part of the unfolding CoChange story

    This is our first time organizing this training in Thailand for a world-wide audience of purpose-driven people. We might never do it again. Be part of the change in this once-in-a-lifetime experience with like-minded people.

  • Where you ask?

    Ko Phangan | a magical & paradise-like island

  • Our community | our tribe

    We conscientiously select people based on their inherent curiosity, drive, empathy and intentions in order to create the best group dynamics.


    At CoChange, we establish the foundation for people to make connections. You’ll no longer be alone on your journey. We encourage peer-to-peer and team-to-team mentoring. You’ll have people to support you and hold you accountable.


    Below are participants from our former programs:


    Became life coach

    "Changing my world is not easy. The question is not whether I am capable or not, but how far I can go. I feel I got the right mindset to achieve what I want to do with this program."


    Became innovation strategist

    "Sometimes it's worth swimming against the current thus achieving your dreams. I could not have imagined a more empathetic, intuitive and fun program than this."


    Bacame education specialist

    "These guys are fantastic in igniting collective inspiration. They support us all the way. Make magic between strangers. I've learnt that Instead of abilities, it is our choices that form us."

  • How to join our tribe

    And restart your journey now



    If your application is legit, we'll have an informal online chat to get to know you better and answer all your questions.



    If you're one of the selected, hurray! Buy your ticket and start packing your bags! We are lucky to have you.


  • Start your journey

    This is your invitation to join us to redesign your life, work and everything else in between.

  • What kind of results should I expect?


    You will have gained the confidence to take control of your career and change your direction.

    New Skills

    You will have learnt new skills to take with you once you are ready to change your current career.


    You will have a new network of collaborators and friends to support you on your new journey to entrepreneurship.

    Knowing Your Values

    You will have a clearer idea of your values, what you stand for, and how to market yourself.

    Online Tools

    You will have a clear understanding of the top online tools you needed to thrive in a new world of online work.

    Online Experience

    You will have experience from developing two project-validations. From idea-generation to strategy design, website building, marketing & collecting leads.

    Knowing Your Next Steps

    You will be closer to knowing your next steps towards an ever-clear vision you’ll be able to create through active and deliberate choices.