• CoChange <3 Inclusion

    We will be granting one scholarship based on mindset with a pay-as-you-wish plan

  • We're on a pure mission

    to change the world one-by-one

    Recover from job burnout & reconnect with the world of possibilities

    Lack of resources is common among us all

    • For some, it's identifying the right tools and frameworks
    • For others, it's just money
    When paying the full price, you'll be investing 4% of your fee towards helping one participant receive a scholarship. It already feels good, just saying this. Also, you'll be helping yourself connect with driven people who are here to collaborate. By pitching in and sharing, we discover opportunities we have never seen before.

    Money is the means, never the goal

    It's one thing to have enough money to live our daily life. It's another, if we're actually happy the way we built up our existence. The secret might be in deliberate design to fill our lives with fun and purpose. Instead of solely living in survival mode.

  • Apply for scholarship

    Don't be afraid to reach out. We're on a mission to get you on board.