⏏︎ CoChange is a Career Change Accelerator ⏏︎


    An Intensive Digital Entrepreneur and Wellbeing Retreat

    It's designed for ambitious corporate refugees. Individuals who want to take a break from corporate life and experience looking at things from a different perspective.



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    Learn to become an entrepreneur

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    Learn together, grow & transform

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    TO ONE

    Get a roadmap, launch your business

    Want to know how



    Design and test new concepts

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    Level-up through mindfulness

  • We bring together 12 inspiration seekers

    to live on an island for 7 days and practice experiential learning that will change your life and career

  • How It Works

    We'll provide the necessary resources to access specialized tools and skills​


    Take that break

    Join us in an abundant tropical paradise and re:engage on a remote island with people who are in similar situation as you.


    Fly to Thailand

    Relax&recharge! You fly here, we take care of the rest. Get a beachside bungalow, work at a beachfront office and get a structured learning path.


    4-day workweek

    7-day commitment with 12 people just like you and nothing like you. Learning by doing in groups to practice online business building in sprints.


    Be cochanged

    Keep travelling the world or return home loaded with inspiration. It's up to you. One thing is for sure: you'll be closer to your purpose than ever before.

  • We are a new kind of learning community

    Inspired by our own need to continue learning while taking a break


  • We believe in hyper transparency

    See how your investment will be spent

  • Get a glimpse of our former
    // digital nomad events >>

    Can you imagine yourself joining a group of bright and inspired people on a tropical island?

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    We're setting personal goals

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    Debating how to make an easy coconut opener

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    The famous why|how|what video

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    They built their first website in under 1h

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    Learning from each other

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    The beachfront office we work from

  • Still Have Questions ?

    We'd love to hear your thoughts and answer your questions right now

  • Still have questions?

    Let's hop on a video call. We'd love to hear your thoughts & answer your questions right now

  • Be empowered by the collective | People in similar situation as you

    We'll pick hard working individuals who lost hope in corporate culture to create and launch remarkable projects together

  • Torolt reszek

    We are just like you, alone scared | that's why we need you to join us

    Society is changing rapidly yet many organizations refuse to acknowledge.

    experiential learning in small groups prototyping sprints practice online business building Hands on learning to get inspired

    We Learn by Active Practicing

    • in 3 member teams we pursue a project to validate for the next 30 days and decided on KPI
    • do research on idea
    • set up initial website/landing page
    • pre-test idea and build in learnings
    • plan out basic marketing strategy and start executing
    • we start creating content
    • set up ads and start getting leads
    • analyze, redefine and fine-tune
    • start using marketing-automation systems
    • blog about it
    • nurture leads and get more leads and feedback

    We learn from the best in the World

    • online courses with facilitated talks after
    • mini-trainings and workshops
    • coaching
    • sharing the progress of participants with participants by participants
    • meaningful conversations

    sharing our experiences and listening to others do the same and especially

    kickstart their careers without formal walls and barriers


    who want to be valued feel successful again

    who want to use their skills


    level up.

    Do you consider yourself ​a life-long learner?​

    You won't just be more fun at cocktail parties - you'll live a life of purpose

    Choose change

    You won't just be more fun at cocktail parties - you'll live a life of purpose

    Show up every day

    • But alone taking online courses can be a challenge
    • A small pre-qualified group, all rooting for you can be hard to find
    • Good, curated tools&resources are hard to come by​
    • Online courses with facilitated talks
    • Training, workshop & coaching
    • Learning by doing

    If you were waiting for a sign, this is it!

    Startups had many iterations, teams have changed the way they work and a powerful community has been formed. If this sounds like your kind of program, then we'd love to hear from you!

    While connecting and sharing this experience we call life

    Our team is here to help whenever you need to. Feel free to ask.


    While corporate work culture is broken. We are invested in you to find purpose, trust, support, guidance, feedback and inspiration. To gain confidence, clarity, tools&resources, growth mindset, ability to think bigger and have a positive impact on your surrounding.


    We take online courses together to learn. We practice the concepts to grow. Active practicing of online business building to learn by doing. We work in teams of 3.


    Who will share and care along this remarkable journey


    We take online courses together. And apply concepts to our future projects

    Do you consider yourself ​a life-long learner?

    Yoga and mindfulness meditation practices


    We are invested in you to find your purpose, to provide trust, support, guidance, feedback and inspiration. You'll gain experience, confidence, clarity, tools&resources, growth mindset, ability to think bigger and even have a positive impact on your surrounding.